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Quotes I've struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember, and have tried many weight loss and exercise programs. Although they all worked, I wasn't able to maintain things. I?d always gain back the weight. And, more recently, I found that my motivation to start up again just wasn?t there.About a year ago, I reached a point where my health was starting to get affected. That was the pivotal moment ? I had to find something that worked for me, and something that I could adopt as a lifestyle.That something was Ideal Protein (through Ideal Journey) and EMS / WBV treatments (through Beauty Tones).The results? I lost 55 lbs and 50 inches in 6 months. YAH!! With the EMS treatments, I notice how much stronger my core is (and tight!), love how toned my legs are, and am so excited about the inches lost ? all in as little as two 30 minute sessions a week! The WBV treatments are pretty cool. They help with lymphatic system drainage, lessen aches & pains, and give me more energy. Quotes
45, Regina

Quotes The Infrared eased joint and muscle pain while improving the feel of my entire body on a cellular level! Improved my my mood and gave me a general great sense of well being. Quotes
M.B, 32 Regina

Quotes A big thank you to Colette Barnabé at Beauty Tones Body Shaping for my Infrared Heat Blanket free trial. After 45 minutes of being heated from the Inside out, my back pain was alleviated and I felt rejuvenated at a cellular level. Amazing! Quotes
Infrared heat blanket!

Quotes I look good and I feel good. Beauty Tones Body Shaping sessions have helped me target and tone the difficult areas of my body. My clothes fit better and I not only feel better but I also feel more confident. The sessions are simple, relaxing and stress-free. They are an easy addition to anyone's busy schedule. Thanks for the wonderful results Colette! Quotes
40, Regina

Quotes I have been a client of Beauty Tones for over a year. I have noticed a remarkable decrease in back pain, an increase in core strength as well as a shapelier figure. Colette Barnabé is extremely knowledgable about her practice and professional in manner. As someone who has full intentions of being a forever client, I highly recommend Beauty Tones for anyone looking for an increase in strength and muscle tone. Quotes
32, Regina

Quotes I have been going to Colette at Beauty Tones Body Shaping for two years. The results have been amazing. Colette is very well informed regarding EMS procedure and has worked several areas of my body. This procedure has eliminated several inches from my problem tummy area, while I relax in a spa-like atmosphere. It is truly refreshing, invigorating and very results oriented. I look forward to seeing her on a very regular basis. I find Colette's approach to her clients to be very professional, honest and friendly. I would highly recommend Colette at Beauty Tones Body Shaping to everyone! Quotes
Bev Herperger, 55

Quotes Beauty Tones was truly Overall amazing! I noticed a huge difference after just a few treatments and so did everyone else! I am a busy mother of 3 and don't always have spare time to go workout.Colette is the most personable person I have ever met. She was very professional and great at explaining everything and she always had a smile on her face. I thoroughly enjoyed going to my beauty tones appointments and can't wait to go back for maintenance! Quotes
Tracey D

Quotes I thought I would add my own testimonial because I love these treatments, I love what I do and I wouldn't do it if I didn't believe in it also! I was pretty stunned at the results I got when I started getting EMS treatments. Personally inch loss wasn't my biggest concern, I just wanted to feel better. Although I did get inch loss what really impressed me was the tone and the new found strength in my core. There were suddenly differences I noticed just doing everyday typical actions like walking and in my posture while sitting, even yoga became easier to do. My back was stronger and the aches diminished. To this day I maintain EMS as part of my fitness regimen. There's so much motivation for me to be healthier and more aware of my health and well being overall. The WBV too has been wonderful, 10 mins and I can feel the tone of my muscles, the lymphatic system draining and I have more energy and less aches and pains! I'm happier and healthier because of these treatments! I'm a fan! Quotes
Colette Barnabe
I love it too!

Quotes Electric Muscle Stimulation combined with healthy eating and regular exercise has given me strong, shapely legs and arms as well as a strong, toned core. A stronger body has enabled me to do my tasks at work and at home with confidence and ease. I thank "Beauty Tones Body Shaping" for the body shape I am enjoying! Quotes
60, Regina

Quotes I heard about Beauty Tones from a friend ( that is the best way ) for a recommendations. I have seen tremendous results in only 4 months of using EMS with 30 1/2 inches loss and about 30 pounds loss of weight. I have had great amazing success that makes me feel wonderful, gives me more energy and self confidence in everything I do. EMS has burned my fat, build my muscles, relieved menstrual pain and improved my Libido. I started using WBV in May, 2012 when Colette first received the machine I was so excited and energized to try the vibrations. The WBV increased my circulation and I had no more leg cramps. It improved my flexibility within 5 treatments and detoxification within one treatment and every treatment afterwards. For 10 minutes a day I saw so many results and I am addicted to it all. I absolutely love EMS & WBV and would recommend them to everyone. This is a "must have" in your lifestyle. Quotes
43, regina

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